Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Got Milk?

I had to share these pictures with everyone. They are gross and cute at the same time. I have started Ethan on cereal and his first reaction was not that great. Although we have been doing this for a week now, his reaction is much the same. He would rather play in the cereal bowl or bite on the spoon.

Moving Day!

Moving day has come and gone. I will be sending out postcards to everyone with our new information on it. So watch your mailboxes. I have posted a picture of our new house and the moving truck with all our stuff. Our new house has a few finishing touches that still need to be done such as the front door and pole are not the correct color and we need landscaping. We are eager to have visitors, so please make plans to come over.
I will be posting alot of stuff over the next day or two, so check back for move pictures and information.