Saturday, August 2, 2008

Family Update

Well, It has been too long! I have been away from blogging for one year. Much has changed in our lives over the past year. We have adjusted to life in a new town, Ethan has made his first Birthday, and is running around the house, getting into everytime that he can possibly reach. I am going to work on this blogger again.

I begin school again in just three short days. Sniff, Sniff, Sniff. I love teaching, but I love my free time. The summer seems to go so fast, and the school year so slow (why is that??). Ethan and I had fun this summer. We played, swam, shopped, visited friends and the zoo. He is really into making animal sounds, so the zoo is right up is alley.

I have encluded a few photos from the summer months. Some are from our family trip to Orlando. We were lucky to be able to bring Ethan back to the place where he was born. We had a wonderful visit with his foster mother and Dr. Scott and Terry.